Our Mission is to help people lose weight in a sustainable way by helping them to adopt a healthier lifestyle & healthier relationship with food & activity    

- Day of the week and time: Tuesdays at 10am & 6pm in the Hutchinson Room

   - Contact name / number / email address: BERIT – Mobile : 07802-314001 – email: beritfree@freebie.net

Hi, I am Berit. I have been a Weight Watchers Leader for 16 years.

   Does this sound familiar? "I did a detox and lost loads of weight in the first week, then got fed up and put on more.

   I keep trying diets and get fed up as I can't live like that forever.

   I wanted a quick fix and that didn't work" Well, why not make a life change?

   Come to your local Weight Watchers Meeting and learn how to eat well and still be able to have a little of what you really fancy.

   We advocate healthy, filling foods, but we don't advocate deprivation and unrealistic short term eating, lose your weight for good..... JOIN ME NOW  & START LIVING!