The following are a series of questions that are frequently asked by those thinking of hiring the Hall and its facilities.

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How many rooms are there in the Hall?

What are the room sizes?

There are three rooms. The main hall accommodates 350, closely seated. Two smaller rooms (the Deben annexe and the Hutchinson room) each seat 40.

Main Hall: 16.5 x 14.3 metres; Deben Annexe: 8.9 x 4.8 metres;     Hutchinson Room: 10 x 4.6 metres.

What facilities are available?

The main hall has a full kitchen, with a double oven, large fridge and automatic water heater for drinks. Crockery is provided, but hirers need to bring glasses. Cutlery can be provided on request. Other facilities include a sound system, operated from the stage, with microphone and an induction loop system that works with hearing aids. The smaller rooms have sinks, kettles and crockery.

What time slots are available?

Sessions are generally 0900 to 1300, 1300 to 1730 and 1730 to 2330 for the main hall.  The twosmaller rooms are also available by the hour.

What are the hire charges?

Hire of the main hall ranges from £40 per session for a registered charity, between Monday and Thursday, to £99 for a commercial booking from Friday to Sunday. The smaller rooms range from £5 per hour to £31 per session.

Are all rooms wheelchair accessible?

The main hall and Deben annexe are fully accessible. There is a stair lift from the main hall to the Hutchinson room.

Are there toilets for those with disabilities?

Yes, in the main hall and Deben annexe.

How many tables and chairs are there for use in the main hall?

Tables: 4 seater 20     4-6 seater 6      6-8 seater 14

Chairs   220

How do I book?

Send your confirmation to with a postal address.

What happens after that?

You will be sent an agreement form, together with Terms and Conditions. Once the bookings secretary has received this, you will receive a slip which enables you to collect the key from M & R Cars.

At what stage do I make a payment?

Hirers are generally invoiced after their event.  In some cases a deposit may be requested.

Can we serve alcohol?

Your guests can bring their own alcohol. If you wish to run a bar, arrangements must be made with a local licensee, or you can apply for a temporary licence from the Council.

Do we need to clean the room afterwards?

You are expected to leave the room as you found it. This includes replacing furniture.

What happens if I have to cancel my booking?

Once you make a firm booking, other requests are refused, so full payment is required.

Will the heating be on when we arrive?

Is a step ladder available?

Each hirer should turn off the heating, so you will need to switch it on.   There are ‘heater control’ notices by the relevant wall switches.

A step ladder is available in the Hirers' room in which HSE  guidelines are posted. Hirers are responsible for its safe use.