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Taoist Tai Chi TM arts - reducing healthcare costs
Taoist Tai Chi Society - 48 years because it works

Learn how to stay healthy in body and mind as you grow older

Classes held in Woodbridge Community Centre every Wednesday 10:30 – 12:30
Please phone 07754 069965 or email suffolk@taoist.org for more information
While there is increasing pressure on adult health and social services, there is also a growing body of evidence supporting the benefits of regular exercise, specifically tai chi. Taoist Tai Chi™ arts can improve overall health and wellbeing, and can be particularly helpful for -
• Improving balance
• Increasing our mental wellbeing
• Reducing high blood pressure
• Improving mobility for those with arthritis, Parkinson’s, MS, COPD, after effects of a stroke and other life limiting conditions
• Reducing the feeling of social isolation
• Helping us to feel younger in body and mind

The gentle movements, which exercise the whole body, benefit everyone regardless of their age or physical condition. Learning these moves also keeps our brains active and helps our minds let go of worry. The Taoist Tai Chi SocietyTM, founded by Master Moy Lin-Shin, is a registered charity that has been active in Great Britain for more than 30 years. Many residents of Suffolk, have benefitted from coming together to practise its arts. We would very much like to giver others the opportunity to experience its physical, mental and social benefits.

If you would like more information, please visit our website www.taoist.org where there is a wealth of information. If you click on Health Recovery Programme at the bottom of the page there is an interesting video related to Taoist Tai Chi™ and falls prevention. There is also a document entitled Improving Lives Around the World and Reducing Healthcare Costs.