Woodbridge ‘Dance Folkus’ Group

This is a new venture for local dancers and musicians. 

It is held the first Friday each month from 7.30-10.30pm  (not August) 

The idea is to provide an opportunity to learn Ceilidh, Barn dance or even a few Playford dance moves and figures. We are affiliated to the EFDSS.
There is the possibility for local musicians to join in with the band.

Definitely a ‘frolicsome’ fun evening for anyone attending.

The lead caller is Helen Howe but there will also be guest callers and even opportunities for some people to try calling or inventing their own dance. 

The dancing is to live music (not records). The Dance Folkus ‘Come All Ye’ band is led by Richard Cove and Tracey Wisdom. Any reasonable musician (16+) can join the band as the music is fairly easy (in keys G and D). Links for the music will be available via internet links. Rhythm and bass instruments are particularly welcome. Musicians need to book their place by email in advance as there is a maximum number of players in the band.

Each dance evening features a short song or dance spot as entertainment in the interval.

It is hoped to provide tea and coffee but any other drinks need to be brought by the people attending.

Entry is priced at £6.00 but there are concessions for people who book tickets in advance

If booked by email in advance the price for Students is £3.00 and for others £5.00. Payment is made at the door.

The group is open to anyone over the age of Sixteen.

A few special dances each year will have special booked bands and these will be open to families with younger children

To find out more contact Rob by emailing Dancefolkus@aol.com or join our Facebook page 


Contact number 01473-610951